At Least One Guy Paid Over $25K for This blatant Metallica cryptocurrency scam.

At Least One Guy Paid Over $25K for This blatant Metallica cryptocurrency scam.

Since Metallica revealed 72 Seasons as the title of their new album, a strange trend has emerged on YouTube. You may have seen advertisements on one or more networks promising to stream the entire album while pushing a live interview with a band member. If you click the video, you’ll be sent to an obviously old interview from when the band was promoting S&M II as well as advertisements in the live chat promoting a cryptocurrency project that Metallica is supporting.

It turns out that it’s all a big fraud, which should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to this kind of garbage. You deserve to lose that money if you were foolish enough to transfer any cryptocurrency to the website offering to “double your money.”

A 51-year-old guy from Manhattan, Kansas lost about $25,500 after sending that much Bitcoin to the Metalli-scam, according to KMAN. The Riley County Police are looking into the “theft by deception” after the man reported his losses to them.

As a result, Metallica released a statement in an effort to warn fans against such ruses.

Sadly, the negative aspects of social media surfaced after last week’s wonderful news of our new song, new album, and new tour. Many of you have informed us of websites, YouTube channels, live streams, and live events that purport to be giving away Metallica Crypto in connection with last week’s announcement.

Let’s be as explicit as we can. They are frauds. They are all being broadcast on phoney YouTube channels that impersonate us and point to websites that we do not control. Please keep in mind that all of our authorised official social media channels. When in doubt, always seek out formal confirmation before accepting anything outlandish or ridiculous as fact.

To think that someone would give that much money without doing their research beforehand is completely insane. especially in light of the many disasters the cryptocurrency industry has experienced in recent weeks. Even if the money was lost, it’s likely because the offer seemed too good to be true in the first place. If something claims to “double your money,” it is likely to be a scam.

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