Customer’s Account Suspended by Binance for Being “Unreasonable”

Customer's Account Suspended by Binance for Being Unreasonable

Twitter user “CoinMamba” claims Binance did not assist in recovering stolen funds.

The crypto exchange Binance and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao have been accused of doing little to help a user recover funds they say were stolen from their account, prompting the user to take to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction. Within the next three days, the client can request a withdrawal of their funds.

According to their profile, the user known on Twitter as CoinMamba trades futures and invests in cryptocurrencies. The user began tweeting about Binance on Tuesday, claiming that they had lost money in their Binance account when an API key associated with the cryptocurrency trading platform 3Commas was compromised. According to the user, Binance wasn’t very helpful in retrieving the lost funds.

Binance claims the user “made threats” to the company’s customer service team, prompting the ban.

3Commas didn’t just take advantage of CoinMamba. Over a dozen customers have complained that the cryptocurrency trading platform exposed their credentials and allowed hackers to steal their money. The CEO of the platform, however, has dismissed the claims as “false rumours,” noting that the exploits have occurred on other exchanges in addition to Binance.

The following day, CoinMamba published multiple tweets accusing CZ of being “greedy” and claiming that “all of these exchanges are shady” after CZ replied on Friday saying that “there is almost no way for us to be sure users didn’t steal their own API keys.”

In a now-deleted tweet, CZ responded to CoinMamba by saying that, due to the latter’s “unreasonable” behaviour, CZ was considering restricting CoinMamba’s account to withdrawals only.

CZ tweeted, “In addition to 3Commas, I am actually considering placing @coinmamba’s account in off boarding (withdrawal only) mode.” We won’t provide our services to irrational customers. Simply more issues in the future. This is not a one-way street. A lot of pushback is possible, but…”

About an hour later, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, closed CoinMamba’s account in response to “threats” he allegedly made to customer service representatives.

You’ve really shown your mettle by refusing to file a police report and insisting instead that we’re at fault and owe you money. Binance’s Twitter account for Customer Support told CoinMamba, “You have even gone as far as to make threats, which we will not tolerate.”

CoinMamba said in a private message to CoinDesk that this was “just an excuse.”

According to the user, “the main reason for the suspension was my public tweets,” which were essentially a repetition of what the user had previously told CZ in a tweet about how CZ would pay for this.

When asked for comment, Binance has been silent.

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