In order to avoid a potential account delete, Hal Finney’s wife has started using the Bitcoin pioneer’s Twitter account again.

Twitter has blocked a number of accounts, including those managed by prominent journalists and the social networking site Mastodon, since Elon Musk has taken over as CEO of the company.

Fran Finney, the widow of computer scientist Hal Finney, who was the recipient of the first transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain from Satoshi Nakamoto, reactivated her late husband’s Twitter account out of concern that Twitter CEO Elon Musk might remove the content from the social media platform due to inactivity. Hal Finney was the recipient of the transaction from Nakamoto.

On December 16, many Crypto Twitter users reported that Finney’s account registered activity for the first time in more than a decade. This was the first time Finney’s account has registered activity. Fran promptly responded to debunk the allegations that a hacker had gained control of the Bitcoin pioneer’s account and its more than 71,000 followers. Some people had hypothesised that the account could have been compromised by a hacker.

Fran stated that she was tweeting on behalf of Hal in order to prevent Elon from deleting Hal’s account.

It is not certain whether the assistance of Fran Finney will be able to save the social media presence of the cryptocurrency pioneer. Musk said that he supported free expression as “the backbone of a functioning democracy” throughout the time that he was in the process of purchasing Twitter for $44 billion, which was finalised in October.

On December 15, however, while Musk was in charge of the social media platform, he ordered the deletion of a number of accounts that were managed by prominent journalists working for organisations including as CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Accounts tracking the movements of Musk’s private jets as well as accounts promoting social networking platform Mastodon were both suspended as a result of the billionaire’s takeover of Twitter. Mastodon has garnered many Twitter users as a result of Musk’s takeover. The CEO of Twitter stated that the latter “doxxed” him with his precise position in real time.

Before the acquisition of Twitter in October 2021, Musk had a net worth of more than $300 billion, and around the same time, the price of Tesla shares reached an all-time high of $407.36 in November 2021. Both of these milestones occurred around the same time. With a stated net worth of $169 billion at the time of publication, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index revealed that the CEO of Tesla had fallen from the position of being the richest person on the globe to the position of the second richest person on the planet in nearly a year’s time.

As CEO of Twitter, Musk oversaw the implementation of a number of contentious policies, which caused many people in the business world to question his judgement. He let go of a large number of top executives, including a large number of employees of the platform’s content moderation staff, and he attempted to charge users for “certified” blue check marks, which resulted in a large number of phoney accounts that had the appearance of authenticity. The social media site also noticed an increase in the number of tweets that contained hate speech and false information about vaccines, which put the platform’s revenue from advertisers in jeopardy.

It appeared that the majority of Twitter users agreed with Fran Finney’s efforts to demonstrate that the account was still operational and providing value to the cryptocurrency community. Jack Dorsey, who had previously served as CEO of Twitter, also commented on the platform to express his astonishment over the reactivation of the account.

On Twitter, user 0xAphelion commented on Hal Finney’s account, saying that “there must to be some means of safeguarding accounts of historical value.” “But better to be safe.”

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Because he was one of the first persons to respond to Satoshi’s post on the cypherpunks mailing list, Hal Finney became one of the most well-known names in the crypto field. He was also one of the founders of the cypherpunks mailing list. At the age of 58, he lost his battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), most commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He passed away in 2014. is source of this news

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