Markets Pro offers investors a return on investment of up to 1,123% with its quantitative approach to crypto analysis.

Twenty-five of Markets Pro’s forty-five strategies are more profitable than the buy-and-hold strategy, and one of those strategies has generated returns of more than 21,000% since 2021.

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Since the launch of Cointelegraph Markets Pro, which brought professional crypto market intelligence to every investor, the platform has assisted thousands of subscribers in better understanding the opportunities and threats that are inherent in the world of investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

In this summary, we would like to bring your attention to a few noteworthy events that have occurred since the debut of the platform. These events include an in-depth analysis of a number of backtested methods that the Markets Pro team monitors.

In addition to access to a diverse range of market performance metrics and a lively community of crypto enthusiasts on Discord, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro package includes two distinct research features: the VORTECSTM Score and the NewsQuakesTM. Both of these research features are exclusive to the Cointelegraph Markets Pro package.

The VORTECSTM Score is derived from an algorithm that examines multiple variables, such as sentiment, tweet volume, price volatility, and trading volume, and it compares those with historically similar market conditions. These variables include the volume of tweets, the price of the asset, and the volume of trading.

The system is able to sort through millions of historical data points on a daily basis, comparing current conditions to those that existed in the past for each of the 418 assets and counting that are being monitored right now.

A high VORTECSTM Score suggests that current market conditions across all of the tracked variables are similar to conditions in the past when the asset appreciated during the next several days. This can be inferred from the fact that current market conditions are similar to conditions that existed when the asset appreciated in the past. The score indicates how consistent the historical behaviour of the asset’s price was. A higher score indicates greater consistency.

The past does not repeat itself, but it does frequently rhyme. The VORTECSTM Score was developed with the intention of making high-quality, quantitative analysis, which was previously only accessible to significant institutional investors, available to all market participants in the cryptocurrency space.

An indicator known as NewsQuakesTM provides real-time alerts that are triggered by developments that have the most significant impact on coin values. Exchange listings, cooperation announcements, and staking announcements are some examples of these.

According to the findings of our research, the most consistently favourable influence has been brought about by the announcement of collaboration agreements, staking, and exchange listings.

NewsQuakesTM are built on top of The Tie’s proprietary SigDev technology, which is the most comprehensive and actionable digital asset information platform available for tracking real-time, market-moving news in the cryptocurrency space. NewsQuakesTM are designed to help investors make more informed investment decisions.

Gaining an advantage in the market is made possible with the use of SigDev by major hedge funds, over-the-counter desks, market makers, and other institutional market participants. In addition to financial institutions, news publications such as Cointelegraph use The Tie’s SigDev platform to discover crucial breaking news articles originating from primary sources.

You can receive NewsQuakesTM notifications in-browser by subscribing to Discord alerts, or straight on your phone by using the Markets Pro mobile application. New exchange listings are consistently among the most noteworthy NewsQuakesTM.

For instance, since the launch of our NewsQuakesTM indicator in January 2021, purchasing a token and holding it for just one hour following its NewsQuakesTM listing announcement resulted in a return that was an astounding 12,000% higher than the initial investment.

During the course of the past month, we issued an alert on Mask Network (MASK) after it was announced that MASK would be listed on Binance. This was one of the more prominent NewsQuakesTM.

The time that the alert was distributed to members of the community is shown by the yellow dot…

After the announcement, the price of MASK shot up from $2.67 to a high of $3.93 in just four days.

In a similar manner, three NewsQuake alerts were distributed to our customers regarding Marinade (MNDE). The last two of these signals served up a one-day move that ranged from $0.07 to a high of $0.30, which translates to a 307% intraday increase.

This means that if you had placed $1,000 into this alert at the beginning of the day, you would have had $3,070 by the time the day was over.

Since the debut of the algorithm on January 5, 2021, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been tracking the performance of 45 various trading strategies on an hourly basis, over the course of a rolling week, and in a cumulative history.

The trading techniques can be broken down into two categories: those based on time and those based on scores.

Markets Pro monitors the performance of the VORTECSTM Score relative to the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin (BTC), and an evenly weighted basket of the top 100 altcoins. This is done so that the score may be validated against broader market shifts.

Time-based tactics and methods

Time-based strategies involve tracking the performance of a crypto asset from the moment its VORTECSTM Score crosses a key threshold until a specific time period elapses, such as Buy 80/Sell 168 hours or Buy 90/Sell 24 hours. For example, the Buy 80/Sell 168 hours strategy tracks the performance of a crypto asset from the moment its VORTECSTM Score crosses a key threshold.

The thirteen winning time-based strategies that were followed by Markets Pro have generated average gains of 546.35% since the beginning of 2021 till the present time. A buy-and-hold strategy for Bitcoin, on the other hand, resulted in a loss of 39.44%, whereas an identical strategy applied to the top 100 alternative cryptocurrencies resulted in a return of 190.15%.

The Buy 80/Sell 24 Hours Strategy has shown to be the most profitable of these several methods; since the beginning of 2021, it has generated a return of 1,123.46%!

Even the time-based approach with the lowest chance of success, Buy 80/Sell 168 hours, generated a return of 290.70%.

Scored-based strategies involve tracking the performance of a crypto asset from the moment its VORTECSTM Score crosses a key threshold until it reaches another key threshold, such as Buy 80/Sell 75 or Buy 90/Sell 65. This involves tracking the performance of a crypto asset from the moment its VORTECSTM Score crosses a key threshold until it reaches another key threshold.

The twelve winning score-based strategies that were tracked by Markets Pro generated an average return of 2,895.49%, which surpassed the return of 190.15% that was produced by purchasing and holding the market’s top one hundred alternative cryptocurrencies by a factor of 15.

The Buy 80/Sell 20 score has proven to be the most profitable of these strategies, with a return of 21,010.61% since the beginning of 2021!

Even the score-based strategy with the lowest likelihood of success, Buy 85/Sell 85, generated a return of 263.63%. It is clear that even the successful score-based approach with the worst performance surpassed the buy-and-hold strategies for Bitcoin as well as for the top 100 alternative cryptocurrencies on the market.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is offered to members only at a cost of $99 per month and comes with a satisfaction guarantee of one hundred percent. We are providing you with access to the one and only crypto-intelligence platform in the entire globe. This platform has the ability to supply you with the exact same trading alerts as institutions and hedge funds in real time… before this information is made available to the general public.

Cointelegraph is not a financial advisory service but rather a provider of various types of financial information. We do not offer specialised or individualised recommendations regarding investments. Investing in cryptocurrencies comes with great risk, including the possibility of losing all of one’s money in a manner that is both permanent and complete. The performance of the past does not guarantee the results of the future. All of the figures and charts are accurate as of the time this article was written, unless otherwise noted. Strategies that have been tested in real life are not recommendations. Before you make any important financial choices, you should discuss them with your financial adviser.

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